Sunday, November 14, 2010

so yeah.. im starting a blog/radio show

  I got into collecting 45s about  4 years ago. Before that almost my entire collection was 12''s and LPs, but once i started picking some up it quickly became my favorite format. I know theres advantages to 12"s like sound quality, the big artwork, and they're obviously a lot easier to mix, but theres something about playing soul or reggae on a little record with a big hole that just feels right.

  The 7" isn't my preferred format for all genres. When it comes to disco, hip hop, dubstep, etc i still love my 12"s (although i own and love many disco and hip hop 45s). But when it comes to soul, funk and reggae, its definitely 7"s for me. Part of the appeal is visual, the label artwork, the big holes, they just look.. well... cool. Part of it is the history attached to 7"s. Northern soul all nighters and Jamaican sound systems, played 7" almost exclusively. And maybe part of the appeal is that its practically an abandoned format (although the 7" does seem to have made a bit of a come back these last few years as people look for cheaper ways to get their music on vinyl). 

   Whatever the reasons behind it are, I like the little things, and over the last few years I've found myself buying a lot of them. I haven't been doing much with them though. I don't get a lot of opportunities to play this stuff out these days, so I thought why not do some kind of internet radio show. so yeah.. Its more or less an excuse to show off some records. I guess the main focus will be on soul and funk but ill be playing a bit of everything (as long as its on 7")

  The plan is to do a show a month until i run out of decent 45s to play. All tracklists will be available here at the blog, as well as pictures and info on the records played. There will be guest mixes from other DJs and if i can find a decent venue that will have us, a live all 45 night. So for now, enjoy  the mixes! Check back here regularly as ill hopefully be posting different 45 related stuff here every few days. 


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